‘TS’, as it’s referred to in the industry, focuses on processes in all departments. Processes under a certified business are more weighted on accountability, company goals and targets as well as how the customer is handled. Under the ‘TS’ guidelines, suppliers must follow the established customer supplier quality manual(s) and provide compliance evidence to biannual third-party audits.  All DENSO Air Systems facilities are certified.  If you need a copy of our latest certificate, please contact our Supplier Quality Assurance staff listed in the contact section.


This certification provides rules, procedures and guidelines to protect the environment.  To be certified ISO-14001 means that the company takes extra measures to assure operations do not pollute air and water resources.  Processes to stop and prevent pollution include recycling, constructing barriers for spills, training employees how to properly handle hazardous material and reducing waste of energy resources.  The company must pass biannual third-party audits to assure that the environmental systems are still being used and followed.  Please contact our HR department if you need a copy of our latest certificate.